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Courier & Shipping Services

We are a renowned firm engaged in offering superior quality Courier & Shipping Services. The offered services includes Express Delivery Services, Airfreight And Express Courier Services and International Document And Parcel Service. These services are rendered by the expert professionals, who posses rich knowledge in this domain. Moreover, they render the services in compliance with international standards and norms. The offered services are detailed below:

We specialize in reliable & cost effective International courier service and Air Courier Express-Door To Door Service into United Kingdom, United States of America & South Africa directly and rest of the world through multi networks. whether you want to send a letter or highly urgent equipment you can rely on us to deliver any corner of The World.

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We are one of the leading courier service companies in the India, providing professional courier services and business logistics for businesses and individuals.

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Approx. Rs 2,850 / Pack(s)
Offering courier services which includes local goods courier services, local letter courier services, local documents courier services, international documents courier services and international gift parcels courier services.

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Approx. Rs 2,850 / Pack(s)
Our company is also engaged in offering priority mode Door To Door Courier Service with wide spread network and associates. We offer our services at very cost-effective rate. We are reliable and trust-worthy. Also we have long experience in the field

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Approx. Rs 795 / Kilogram(s)
We offer a  Door To Door Services (DDP) that is considered to be one to be a hassle free job for the customers. Such services enable our customers to stay at home and get the service. These services  Door To Door Services (DDP) ensure the smooth and speedy shifting of your goods to the new destination.

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We are a renowned firm, which is engaged in Express Delivery Services. Documents, packages and freights are delivered by us to various destinations in India and worldwide. We render these services in compliance with set industry standards and norms as per the exact requirements of our clients.


We Offer:


  • Committed time sensitive delivery with online confirmation
  • Save up-to 20 to 40% on FedEx /UPS & DHL rate
  • Best rates for bulk air cargo loads
  • Specialized in handling chemical shipment
  • Fast & easy clearing service
  • 24 hours customer service, seven days a week
  • Worldwide network coverage
  • Door to door service (Free Door Step Pick-Up)
  • One stop shop for all express services

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Approx. Rs 2,850 / Pack(s)
Guaranteed punctuality and speed are the first priority of parveen express. Security, transparency and absolute reliability are our ingredients of our performances. With Parveen Express, your express deliveries reach the recipient as a principle guaranteed before close of business the next working day in Tamilnadu State and in selected places in South India.
Our value-added services,

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Importance of Courier Services  International Cargo Shipping Overseas Courier Services

Importance of Courier Services

As there is always the need of sending things from one place to another, courier services become very important for our day to day life. Whether of personal or business purpose, we all use courier services for sending documents, parcels, medicines, money etc., from one city to another or from one country to another. What makes courier services better than any other transporting services, is the speed. The courier services help in delivering the parcels faster within a day if it is in the same country and when it comes to international courier services, then the courier companies guarantee to deliver your parcel within 4-6 business days. Thus, many people rely on courier services for transporting business documents and personal parcels nationally as well as internationally. The courier services have become inevitable in our life and we cannot imagine of transporting documents and parcels without courier services.

International Courier Services

Amongst all the types of courier services, international courier service is the solution to send the parcels or documents from one country to another which can be sent by air or sea. If you need to send a document to a university located out of your country or send some snacks to your relatives staying out of your country, then you can send it through international courier services. So, next time when you are planning to send a gift to your friend staying abroad, just don’t worry about it, you can send it through overseas courier services provided by the best courier company. If you are planning to relocate out of your country and lot of stuff to move, then you can go for international cargo shipping which will ensure the safe and timely delivery of your belongings. So, whether it is document courier service, parcel courier service or cargo shipping service, the main goal of all the cargo services is to enable your courier to reach to its destination safely without any damages.

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Approx. Rs 2,250 / Pack(s)
Nationwide Same Day Courier Service is a main focus of Courier Delivery. Local and nationwide courier service solutions are offered and our trained courier specialists are available to determine which of our delivery options fit your time-critical needs.
Courier will ensure the safe delivery of your time-sensitive packages. Nationwide Same Day deliveries range from small envelopes to large pallets of packages. Courier can accommodate your nationwide courier service needs, whether large or small – one, a few or many packages to or from multiple locations.

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Approx. Rs 795 / Kilogram(s)
Air Shipping Services, we are able to cover a long distance as well as travel through some of the vast ocean across the entire globe. Our services include conceptualizing and planning for each aspect of the relocation process. Furthermore, with expertise in domestic and global relocation experience, we have been able to transport both small & bulk sized consignments in an organized manner.


  • Safe
  • Timeliness
  • Client-centric

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Ups International Courier Our product range also comprises of Hazardous Handling Agent, Hazardous Material Packaging and Transportation Of Dangerous Goods By Air.

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We at Airborne International Courier are prepared to take care of your valuable international Documents and Parcels / Sample. We are providing service of FedEx/ UPS/DHL/ TNT wholesale international air courier from any city in the India to worldwide destinations with discounted Rates, also we have our own network to provide you economic and express service with a commitment of prompt, safe & on time delivery. With International priority, all your shipments are tracked, right from pick-up until delivery by the most sophisticated tracking . You can monitor the precise status of your shipments at every step of its journey.

We are Sending all type of commodities such as Chemical samples, Garments, fabrics, Artworks, Handicrafts, Auto Parts, House-hold & Food Items , Gifts etc.We are providing Priority Delivery Service For your Valuable & Time Sensitive International Documents.

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Approx. Rs 14,450 / Pack(s)
Airborne International is one of the largest carriers of Dangerous Goods worldwide. Whether you are shipping Dangerous Goods within Canada or internationally, we have the expertise to provide safe solutions for handling and transporting your Dangerous Goods shipments. FedEx Ground® accepts 'consumer commodities' and 'limited quantities' as defined, labelled and packaged in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations for shipments within Canada.


  • What are Dangerous Goods?


    Dangerous Goods are commodities that, when transported, pose some form of danger to people, animals, the environment, or the carrier. Dangerous goods can be either acceptable or unacceptable for shipping. The latest list of Dangerous Goods can be accessed at

    There are nine classifications of Dangerous Goods that identify the type of danger each possesses. These are grouped into categories called accessible and inaccessible which determine the FedEx service you can ship with.

    • Accessible vs. Inaccessible Dangerous Goods


      Certain Dangerous Goods shipments must be accessible to the flight crew in-flight. These are categorized as Accessible Dangerous Goods (ADG). Inaccessible Dangerous Goods (IDG) do not need to be loaded so they are accessible to the flight crew in-flight.

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      Our International Express Courier Services are rendered to take care of the valuable documents and parcels of the clients. From any city in the India to worldwide destinations, we provide service of FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT wholesale international Express Courier. We have most sophisticated tracking facility due to which, we are able to track the shipment right from pick-up to delivery. Moreover, we provide International Express Courier for the following:


      • Chemical samples
      • Garments, fabrics
      • Artworks
      • Handicrafts
      • Auto Parts
      • House-hold & Food Items
      • Gifts


      For valuable & time sensitive international documents, we are provide priority delivery service. We specialize in delivering hazardous and non hazardous chemicals.

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      Approx. Rs 2,850 / Pack(s)

      Our organization is engaged in offering superior quality International Document And Parcel Service. Rendered in adherence with international standards and norms, these services are provided by our expert professionals. These professionals make sure that the services are rendered in accordance with the exact requirements of our clients. Further, to maintain the authenticity of the services, we maintain proper proper documents as per the industry standards and norms.

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      Approx. Rs 2,450 / Pack(s)
      Both in domestic and international Courier Delivery Service we have made our presence felt by providing prompt, economic and safe services to clients and these three have become our trademark. And time and again we are received accolades from our satisfied customers for the services we have been providing to them with all these have become possible because of the team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

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      Approx. Rs 2,450 / Pack(s)
      Offering courier services which includes local goods courier services, local letter courier services, local documents courier services, international documents courier services and international gift parcels courier services.

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      primary business is Express Consolidation and was operating OBC Service to various International Destinations until the exclusive Courier Facility is set up in Chennai, which is also operated by Esquire. The OBC concept was removed but the Consolidation still remains as core business

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      India's First Customized Parcel Delivery service helps you to optimize your delivery requirements. We do this by understanding your transportation needs, eliminating unnecessary costs and helping you create the optimal delivery solution.

      We are best courier service in India.

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      Approx. Rs 1,650 / Kilogram

      A courier delivers messages, packages, and mail. Couriers are distinguished from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of express services, and swift delivery times, which are optional for most everyday mail services. As a premium service, couriers are usually more expensive than usual mail services, and their use is typically restricted to packages where one or more of these features are considered important enough to warrant the cost.

      Courier services operate on all scales, from within specific towns or cities, to regional, national and global services. Large courier companies include DHL, FedEx, EMS International, TNT, UPS, . These offer services worldwide, typically via a hub and spoke model.

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      Avail from us an excellent International Courier Service at market leading rates. These services are rendered to the customers as per their exact requirements and preferences. This also helps us in attaining their maximum level of satisfaction. Further, we make sure to execute these services within the committed time frame with proper documentation as per the industry standards and norms. This helps in maintaining the authenticity of the services

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      Approx. Rs 795 / Kilogram(s)
      We offer International And domestic door-to-door delivery services for customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of loss or product damage. Leveraging on our extensive global network, we provide consolidation of international freight, air, ocean and ground transportation, customs clearance and direct delivery at the desired destination within the country.

      The highlights of our Domestic Door-to-Door Delivery Services include:

      • Domestic door to door delivery movement (Air).
      • Cargo Pick up & delivery round the clock
      • Time bond guaranteed door delivery
      • Warehousing and Distribution of cargo

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      We are one of the leading Courier and Logistic Service Provider, catering to the needs of Industrial and Commercial establishments, Banks, Financial Institutions, Trade Associations, Clubs, Management and Educational Institutions. We are in this field for the past 8 years and are professionally managed by qualified & experienced professionals who are associated with Courier, Logistic Bulk Mailing and allied services  Logistic Bulk Courier Services,
      We offer the following services :
      Domestic and International Couriers :
      Logistic Bulk Courier Services We Undertake Pickup & Bulk Delivery of Documents, Booklets, Samples and Parcels such as Printing Materials, Seminar Goods, Machinery parts etc., for More than 2000 cities throughout the world.

      Logistic Bulk Courier Services We are also known for the Companies we keep on our customer base and we are certain that, they will stand by us in testimony of the excellent rapport between us.

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      Approx. Rs 1,999 / Kilogram
      BLUDART EXPRESS COURIER International Courier and Cargo offers a unique service to send parcels to anywhere in the world from India. Apart from delivering regular documents, Parcels, we are the only International courier company specialized in India delivering Food Items ,Express Baggage, Excess Luggage, Garments and Fabrics, Household items, Industrial items, Chemical Samples, Express Package Delivery, etc to USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Newzealand, Canada, Germany, Dubai, France and also to many countries across the globe. We can pick up the parcel from any part of the world and deliver at any part of the world.

      We are known to be the fastest courier providing door to door delivery across the globe. BLUDART EXPRESS COURIER provides both Importing and exporting packages to worldwide destinations. Our network has its presence globally & Operations in all the major destinations.

      We also work with international Courier companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT , etc.We provide you Huge discounts due to our high volume, so you get the same services at a lowest price. We have all the required competence, to prepare your packages for shipments carefully so that you need not contact third party for packing services.

      BLUDART EXPRESS COURIER offers a single point of accountability for the entire procurement and logistics cycle from express courier services to custom clearance and door delivery.
      Any season is a discount season at BLUDART EXPRESS COURIER and we are currently offering 10% discounts on food items and Document Parcels

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      Approx. Rs 795 / Kilogram(s)
      Worldwide Door to Door Delivery Packed one suitcase too many? Transporting an unusual or unmanageable item overseas? Would you rather just breeze through the airport without having to check in any baggage at all? Are we asking too many questions? We’ll stop. Seven Seas Worldwide are experts in moving excess baggage and personal belongings all over the world. See how we can help you today.
      We can solve all your excess luggage problems of Worldwide Door to Door Delivery

      Excess luggage can be virtually anything from an extra holdall of essentials to a surfboard Worldwide Door to Door Delivery. In fact, we have a box for nearly every eventuality. We even have a long, narrow box for skis. Let’s face it; you don’t want to be fumbling about with a pair of skis at the airport, sitting in a Starbucks, knocking people’s lattes over. For those trips when excess luggage and excess baggage is an unavoidable dilemma Worldwide Door to Door Delivery , speak to the people who have been shipping overseas for nearly twenty years. That’s us, by the way.

      Worldwide Door to Door Delivery So what do we do? We provide an efficient and affordable excess baggage service, sending personal items door-to-door. It works like this:


    • You order the boxes you need from us including free packing materials (bubble wrap, parcel tape, big marker pen)

    • We’ll drop off the boxes at your address so you can pack them to your requirements

    • Arrange a collection date with us and we’ll arrive to collect your excess baggage

    • We’ll then whisk the boxes away to your chosen destination
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      Approx. Rs 2,850 / Pack(s)
      Express Delivery Courier & Shipping Services Delivery has over 8 years of experience in the quick delivery services business. Through our growth process of Express Delivery Courier & Shipping Services, we have seen what it takes to be a successful package delivery courier business, while also maintaining our roots of valuing customer service and on-time quick delivery services of Express Delivery Courier & Shipping Services. We deliver anything from small envelopes to large manufactured items Express Delivery Courier & Shipping Services. So, for prompt pickup and package delivery, contact our courier service today!

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      Approx. Rs 2,850 / Pack(s)
      Global Priority Shipping and Logistics Quick has been helping clients with their mission-critical shipping challenges, transporting their urgent packages and documents swiftly and efficiently Global Priority Shipping and Logistics. We specialize in shipping life saving organs and blood for transplant and research Global Priority Shipping and Logistics, critical parts for the high tech, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as confidential and valuable items for the legal and entertainment industries Global Priority Shipping and Logistics . With a focus on providing global logistics, Quick is at the forefront of innovations of Global Priority Shipping and Logistics, offering precision, individualized service and dependability.

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      Airborne International Courier Logistics offers Baggage Shipment Services for hassle free relocation of our clients. Baggage Shipment Services We assist our clients in Domestic and International relocation. Baggage Shipment Services We move their personal household goods door to door. We can move household good from/to any city in the world with the help of our worldwide agent network. Baggage Shipment Services We assist our customers in Packing of our their personal cargo and delivering at the final destination. Baggage Shipment Services Our staff also educate our clients with the custom regulations to let them the duty payable on specific items. This helps our customers calculate the expense in advance.We also make sure that the cargo is delivered to our clients on time and is light on their pocket



      • Efficient
      • Smoothly handled
      • Delivery on time
      • Cost Effective

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      Air Express Services is a hi-tech enterprise, organically converging advanced information and network technologies and modern logistics technologies, and providing integrated logistics services. In terms of operation mode, Air Express Services employs modern logistics, information and network technologies to reform, integrate and upgrade the traditional Distribution & logistics industry.
      Air Express Services aiming to be leader in India's integrated express package Distribution and supply chain solution Company towards in the integration of supply chain needs of our valued customers with the help of day definite distribution system through Road, Train and Air mode .Warehousing, 3PL Solution, supply chain consultancy and metro delivery will compliment each other Air Express Services

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      Courier Shipments Services We are leading in providing comprehensive rage of shipping and delivering services. We offer these Courier Shipments services at a reasonable pricing. Courier Shipments Services We are committed to delivering these courier shipments on time. We ensure that all the shipments are safely shipped. Courier Shipments Services  We deliver these courier within and outside India. Courier Shipments Services We have a wider network which ensures we offer prompt services to our esteemed clients.




      • Safe arrival

      • Cost effective

      • Fast delivery

      • Reliable

      • Trustworthy

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      DHL International Courier Express Service Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our clients we are involved in offering DHL International Courier Service. DHL International Courier Express Service We are empowered with a young and dedicated team who carried out these services in a smooth manner. DHL International Courier Express Service We are able to deliver the parcels in a very short period of time. In addition to this, DHL International Courier Express Service we offer these services at very economical prices.




      • Timely execution
      • Reliable
      • Cost effective
      • DHL International Courier Express Service

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      Approx. Rs 1,999 / Kilogram

      We are one of the most trusted names of the market engaged in providing excellent Pharmaceutical Courier Servicestothe customers. These services are executed with highly talented and proficient professionals. Moreover, we have several offices & service centers worldwide to serve the clients in the best possible manner. We re efficient in providing integrated air express for Pharmaceutical Courier Servicesand ground transportation of time sensitive documents, packages and freight worldwide.

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      Approx. Rs 895 / Kilogram(s)
      Dyes Courier Service Our organization have a name in providing a wide service of Dyes Courier Service.

      Dyes Courier Service We are specialized in handling all type of Chemical in all forms: like Liquid, Dyes, Solid, Powder Etc.

      Dyes Courier Service Our services are highly acknowledged for safety, promptness, effectiveness and reliability.

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      Approx. Rs 650 / Kilogram(s)

      Service Providers of : DHL, FEDEX,UPS, TNT,BLUEDART ETC

      We pick up all type of Courier :

      Pulses Courier Services

      • Documents
      • Parcel
      • House Hold Items
      • Excess Baggage
      • Utensils Exporters
      • Immitation Jewellery
      • Branded Foods Items
      • Home Made Foods Courier
      • Mobiles Courier
      • Electronics Courier
      • Chemical Liquid
      • Pharma Courier
      • Powder Courier
      • Bags Courier
      • Shoes Courier
      • Transportation
      • Logistics Courier
      • Garments Courier
      • Excess Stuff
      • Books Courier
      • Electrical Goods Courier
      • Dangerous Courier
      • Non Dangerous Courier
      • Bottles Courier
      • Empty Bags Courier
      • Masala Courier
      • Pen Courier
      • Express
      • All type of Courier



      You Can Track it ONLINE also we provide DOOR TO DOOR Delivery.

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